6LACK ft Future – East Atlanta Love Letter

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6LACK ft Future - East Atlanta Love Letter

6LACK and Future are two birds of a feather, in that they both hold residential passes to Zone 6. The lane the singer created for himself on his debut still exists today. The title track of his sophomore album East Atlanta Love Letter really resonates with me. Not only does it feel like the glue that holds the project together, like a median breaking down his complexities of character.

“East Atlanta Love Letter” recodifies words spoken in his milieu, to describe something more universally subjective: his potential growth as a human. 6LACK writes his letter ruffle any feathers, on his way out the neighborhood. He raps, “Curiosity been at an all-time high in the treetops,” as a way of pardoning his departure. In the line that follows. 6LACK asks his childhood friends for permission to break their stories to the World is bound to discover, at great length. It doesn’t hurt to have Future drive the sentiment home.

Quotable Lyrics:

Curiosity been at an all-time high in the treetops
I remix your life like cut cocaine into rerock
Ain’t been wanting much lately, no, ’cause you’re my detox
Repeat, run it back, one more time, ’til we hit the sweet spot
I bet if we make love like we always knew each other
You’ll be searching far and wide but you wouldn’t want another.


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