Playboi Carti ft Travis Scott – Love Hurts

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Playboi Carti grabs Travis Scott for his new track.
Playboi Carti’s debut self-titled 2017 mixtape was a very success first impression for a rapper who’s star is rapidly rising. Based on the strength of hits like “Magnolia,” Carti quickly became a household name.

Now Carti has returned with a new track, one that is presumably leading up to a new project. The new track “love hurts,” finds Carti rocking a laid back flow, with just as many ad-libs as you’d come to expect from a Playboi Carti song. Travis Scott also makes an appearance on the track, sporting a similarly relaxed flow, though the two don’t quite get the rockstar level of energy that the hook seems to imply they would have. The beat is low and bass heavy, with sprinkled synth sounds that fly through the beat like a shot from a laser gun.

Carti’s album should be coming soon, as he’s been relatively quiet since dropping his last tape and has been spotted in the studio frequently. One of his main collaborators, “Magnolia” producer Pi’erre Bourne even went so far as to confirm that it was completed.

This is an exciting start to the roll out of Carti’s new album and we’re excited to hear what comes next. Check out “love hurts” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Fucking this bitch, I swear she be lying
White on rice, diamonds ice, came through with the ice
I’m Lil Boat with the Sprite
Dynamite, she gon’ blow tonight

Playboi Carti ft Travis Scott – Love Hurts


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