Audio Push – I Love It (GVT Mix)

Audio Push - I Love It (GVT Mix)

While Lil Pump & Kanye West’s “I Love It” landed divisive results, including a scathing review from Bhad Bhabie, it would appear that many enjoyed the creeping, hedonistic instrumental. Two such fans include the boys of Audio Push, who took to the beat with a welcome sense of hunger. Where Pump and Ye brought a carefree sense of hound-doggery, Audio Push opts for a more lyrically inclined approach, borrowing Yeezy’s “sick fuck” scheme for good measure.

Price sets things off, rapping “save all your vapes I like my spliffs tucked, lost my n***a, stayed in the crib for six months.” He continues to absolutely body the bassline before Oktane slides in to teabag the corpses. “Price already killed this shit, I clean it up,” he raps, “now that we heating up, I bet you ain’t mean it huh?” In short, the remix is a welcome drop, and some may welcome Audio Push’s rap-heavy take. Peep the remix now, and sound off below.

Quotable Lyrics

Let loose in the booth all beats get ripped up
Masseuse with the troops, you n***as can get touched
I’m a sick fuck, I’m Mr big stuff,
Always in the mix, that’s how your words get mixed up

Audio Push – I Love It (GVT Mix)

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