G Herbo – Humble Beast Album (Zip Download)

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G Herbo Humble Beast Album Zip Download

G Herbo Humble Beast Album Zip Download 

Herbo gives an update on his debut album “Humble Beast,” as well as “No

Limitations” and “Swervo,” his upcoming collaborative projects

with G Herbo and Southside

Where is Humble Beast?G Herbo fans have been pining for the project for the better part of the last year. Herbo estimated that it is 70 to 75 percent complete and explained that he has also been hard at work No Limitations, his joint project with Lil Bibby, and Swervo, his joint project with Southside. He admitted the Humble Beast delays have been caused in part by his care for the project—”right now that’s my main focus, that’s my prized possession. Humble Beast, that’s my baby”—and projected a summer release.

In the second half of the interview, he discussed his friendship with Lil Bibby (“The energy is always crazy because we’re best friends”) and the nature of musical chemistry.

“I don’t think you can really have chemistry with an artist without friendship,” he opined. “[Without] chemistry, it’s really just business,” he explains. “Honestly, the artists that I work with, it’s always been an instant connect, an instant vibe. Me and Uzi, we close friends. Me and Carti, we close. I fuck with Carti heavy. Dave East, Don [Q], I fuck with these people.”

“These are my homies, my peers,” he continued. “21. Yachty. I talk to these guys on the phone, we see each other—’Wassup bro’—we chilling, we cooling, we may just be talking shit. I feel like things like that, that’s what matters the most with music. Without chemistry, you may not be able to come up with a song that you actually are able to or you may want to come up with because both you’re in a shell.”

“Of course it’s not the same chemistry that I have with Bibby, but it’s a chemistry,” he concluded. “I get in with these guys and my peers and we create.”

(ICYMI: meet Herbo’s puppy Prince.)


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