Hodgy – Honesty

Hodgy - Honesty

Hodgy drops off a vulnerable new loosie.
Los Angeles rapper Hodgy continues to release new music, following off the drop of last week’s MellowHype reunion “Tisk.” And while the single’s art work might have suggested that the song was a piece of shit, the actual music was far from it. In fact, many fans responded to the songb by clamoring for a MellowHype reunion. Today, Hodgy returns to the fold with a melodic new song called “Honesty,” which features production from Alvin Risk. In true Soundcloud fashion, the song falls under three minutes, and features a solid mix of Hodgy’s singing and rapping skills.


“What got me down, like a dog, Snoopy Charlie Brown,” raps Hodgy, “far from a bitch and when she bark it ain’t a humble sound.” He proceeds to paint a melancholic picture of a relationship gone left, showcasing a deft gift at alliteration and flow. If you’re feeling Hodgy’s music, you should definitely check this one out. It’s a bit different from his usual stuff, but impressive nevertheless.

Quotable Lyrics

What got me down?
Like a dog, Snoopy Charlie Brown
Far from a bitch and when she bark it ain’t a humble sound

Hodgy РHonesty 


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