ILoveMakonnen & Ronny J Drop Off Dark Collaborative EP

ILoveMakonnen & Ronny J Drop Off Dark Collaborative EP

ILoveMakonnen and Ronny J team up for some dark, feverish bangers.
After dropping off “Paper Chase” earlier today, the deadly combination of ILoveMakonnen and Ronny J has returned with a surprise new EP called ILOVEMAKONNEN x Ronny J. The five track project is produced in its entirety by Ronny, with some of his darkest work so far; the distorted 808s are complimented by ominous, minor key melodies, combining for a desolate yet hard sound. Makonnen’s unconventional vocals are in fine form, coming through with strong melodies and some more wandering, free-form vocals.

While “Paper Chase” and the Teddy assisted “Lonely Thoughts” aren’t altogether new, the project does feature a some new music from the duo. Clocking in at around twenty-minutes, the eponymous project is a brief, and at times uncomfortable listen. However, it’s a pleasant sort of discomfort, like the apex of an inebriated night. Be sure to check out the latest from Makonnen and Ronny J, and sound off below. Is this a partnership worth exploring?

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