Indica ft Lewis Grant & Dylan Brady – Pacers

Indica ft Lewis Grant & Dylan Brady - Pacers

Get lost in Indica’s latest track.
Los Angeles based artist Indica makes music befitting of his name, and his latest drop picks up where his trippy, hallucinogenic eponymous mixtape left off. “Pacers,” finds the young artist teaming up with Lewis Grant and Dylan Brady for a dark, surreal banger, and while Indica has made waves on Soundcloud, he’s a cut above what you might deem “Soundcloud Rap.” The overall vibe is hazy, with a notable juxtaposition between low-octave vocals and soaring autotuned falsett. Lyrically, Indica isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but the nature of “Pacers” doesn’t require him to. Instead, he allows himself to get lost in the vibe, and thus, we can lose ourselves with him.


If I had to nitpick about the track, it’s that the melodic moments near the end sort of broke the spell. It’s not that they’re bad. They just seem a little out of place, especially considering Indica’s raw, subdued delivery. Still, “Pacers” is worth a listen, and if you like that, check Indica’s tape at the link above.

Quotable Lyrics

Cocaina, all around us
Cocaina on the counter
I dont’ need no transcripts
I don’t need no transcripts
I just need my bandwith

Indica ft Lewis Grant & Dylan Brady – PacersĀ 




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