J.I.D – Creep Inspire

J.I.D - Creep Inspire

It’s only a matter of time before your fans find your old material, so just hope it’s as good as J.I.D’s. The Atlanta rapper recently saw his 2013 EP Para Tu being shared by fans on Reddit, which inspired him to put the whole project back on SoundCloud. “I’m about to put #ParaTu (2013) back on my soundcloud, y’all really love me and I love y’all back, i took this down because I be sensitive with my art sometimes, but being appreciated is the feels,” he said on Twitter. “Ima keep working on the new doe.”

He definitely sounds a little younger on “Creep Inspire,” but he sounds as hungry and sure of himself as he does across The Never Story, his breakthrough debut for Dreamville released in March. Even back then, J.I.D was close with EarthGang, who appear on two tracks from the project. You can listen to the whole thing here.

J.I.D – Creep Inspire 

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