Jadakiss & Fabolous ft Chinx,French Montana – All About It Remix

Jadakiss & Fabolous ft Chinx,French Montana - All About It Remix

Chinx closes out the remix of Fab and Jada’s “All About It.”
A few weeks back, Jadakiss and Fabolous dropped off a New York hip-hop fan’s dream come true, the collaborative album Friday On Elm Street. While the project failed to capitalize on the titular horror-film themes (reserved exclusively for the highlight introductory cut), it remained a solid meeting of the minds from two of N.Y.’s most stalwart and underrated emcees. Today, Fabolous shared a remix to the album’s eighth track, the French Montana assisted “All About It.” And even though the remix doesn’t feature new verses from Fabolous or Jadakiss, it does feature the added presence of Chinx, who holds it down for a new third verse.


“You ain’t catch a double hommy, that was two attempts,” raps Chinx, his melodic voice drenched in autotune. “Pull up on a bitch crackin’ lobster eatin’ shrimp.” It’s hardly a reinvention of the song, but Chinx’ verse does add an extra, and welcome layer of menace to the affair.

Quotable Lyrics

I know all about it
Hang a picture of your face and make a target out it
Got some cars and houses
They know we done come in here a hundred strong
If I called the pigs I’d probably get the number wrong

Jadakiss & Fabolous ft Chinx,French Montana РAll About It Remix 


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