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Justin snow makes his return.
Justin Snow’s an enigma.

Since his initial entry as a solo artist around this time last year, give or take a month or two, he practically went silent, leaving a new surge of fans to feed on nothing but his debut “White On White” track.

Instead, he chose to maintain his person on social media, reeling in thousands of followers in a matter of months after rolling out an aesthetically consistent feed that doubles as a capsule of keepsakes taken from the scenes of the simulated, yet eerily realistic “murders” of some of Instagram’s baddest.

Never breaking character, Snow has successfully managed to leave fans lingering on his every move, dropping off a few snippets of tracks here and there and always introducing the latest victim of his “Pretty Girls Get Slain” campaign.

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Last month, he finally broke the musical silence, following up “White on White” and it’s subsequent music video with his sophomore cut “SMD,” an enchanting and bass-laden piece that follows perfectly in suit with its predecessor.

Previous to his position in the booth, Justin Snow worked comfortably from behind the scenes taking in the reigns on the songwriting and production aspect of the musical process. However, it wouldn’t be until the untimely death of A$AP Yams that Snow would take heed of his late friend’s advice and step out from the shadows.

While he hasn’t completely put himself in the spotlight, allowing an alter ego to do the talking, or lack thereof, his very short catalog does present a theme we hope sustains. Taking captivating production and lacing them with seductive and auto-tune infused vocals, Snow’s crafted a formula that can’t miss.

No word yet on when any new music will be arriving from the South Florida-based artist, but try and satiate your palate for the time being with “SMD.”

Quotable Lyrics
She be on the grind
Working overtime so I got to free her mind
Mami down to ride
Pistol on her side, like a nigga name was Clyde
They be trying to bone
Offer her a check but she get it on her own
All I’m trying to say
Is shorty buss it open when she’s ready for the slay

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