K Camp – Baggage Freestyle

K Camp - Baggage Freestyle

The Atlanta native, K Camp, hops on the “Ocean” instrumental to remind us he only deals with bad b*tches. The original song by Jacquees and TK Kravitz illustrates the feeling of being caught up in love-making. Hence, the metaphor “can I take a dive in your ocean.” K Camp flips the storyline on “Baggage Freestyle.” He raps about not wanting to deal with a girl’s baggage. There is no time to waste in the pursuit of his next cheque. Like Jacquees and Kravitz, he’s still down to ride, as long as the chick is in line with his focus. Based on his latest music video, it seems like the rapper appreciates people who know how to play their position.

The freestyle is slick and the production is clean. Let us know how you feel about this ride-or-die jam. You can also bump his latest single here.

Quotable Lyrics

Me and you we can make magic
I fell in love with the fashion
I fell in love with her passion
I’m the one bringin’ the cash in
Check out the drip, girl, it’s splashin’
Break the hoe down like a fraction
You see the cameras keep flashin’
Watch where you dump out your ashes

K Camp – Baggage Freestyle

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