Kreayshawn – Depressed Freestyle

Kreayshawn - Depressed Freestyle

Kreay’s latest track hints that she’s shifting her focus back to rap.
If you’ve been paying attention to Kreayshawn’s SoundCloud output over the last few years, you’ll know she’s been regularly putting out some great mixes that have included collections of lo-fi instrumental hip-hop, juke, nightcore, and Jersey club. More recently, she’s been easing back into rapping with a few collaborations with producer DJTWOSTACKS.

The songs have a similar casual freestyle-like quality to Kreay’s early collaborator Lil B, as well as his avowed student iLoveMakonnen. At the same time, many of the songs have had pretty heavy subject matter — whether it be “Boutta,” which takes aim at rape culture and abusers in hip-hop, or “Missing Kitty,” dedicated to Kreay’s cat of nine years which she recently lost. Similarly, “Depressed Freestyle,” while light-hearted in some ways, feels like a real response to the often unhelpful and patronizing “solutions” given to people dealing with mental health issues.

Kreay herself put it most eloquently on Twitter: “New freestyle bout how when you depressed and everyone be suggesting shit for you to do but, you’re just like nah…”

Kreayshawn РDepressed Freestyle 

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