Marshmello ft Lil Pee – Spotlight


Lil Peep tragically passed away back in November from a fentanyl and xanax overdose, but his music & legacy will forever live on. Last weekend, EDM producer DJ Marshmello took to Twitter to announce that Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, called him and asked to have her son’s music released, which Marshmello is thankfully obeying.


“I didn’t plan on releasing the song until peeps mom reached out and told me she wanted her sons music to come out…what am I supposed to do?,” he tweeted out, before informing us that the collab would be dropping this Friday.

But before the song hits iTunes & streaming services at midnight, Marshmello decided to come through a few hours early & share the unreleased collab with Lil Peep on his Youtube page first called “Spotlight,” which is more like a grunge-pop record but still pretty dope nonetheless.

It’s unclear at the moment if this record will see life on Lil Peep’s forthcoming posthumous album or not, but we’re all for it either way. Following up his latest video for “Save That Shit,” take a listen to the posthumous Lil Peep collab and share your thoughts below. R.I.P Peep.

Quotable Lyrics:

Sex with you is like I’m dreaming, and
I just wanna hear you scream again
Now you’re gone, I can’t believe that
Time I spent with you deceiving me
I don’t care if you believe in me
I still wonder why you’re leaving me
I don’t care if you believe me
I still wonder why you tease me

Marshmello ft Lil Pee – Spotlight


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