RL Grime ft Tory Lanez & Jeremih – Undo

RL Grime ft Tory Lanez & Jeremih - Undo

Tory Lanez and Jeremih spit game over some sultry RL Grime production.
Let it be known. Naming oneself after the legendary R.L. Stine is a bold move; those are big shoes to fill. Yet some opportunities are too good to pass up. Such is the case for Los Angeles producer R.L. Grime, who ably donned the moniker in 2011. Though it has been a minute since he’s come through with a full body of work, the winds of change are rising. On July 27th, Grime will be dropping his brand new album Nova; as such, the project’s debut single has landed, featuring the combined talents of Jeremih and Tory Lanez.

Though Lanez foray into Latin music was met with early acclaim, he’s back to his mother tongue this time around. Opting to style on em’ through the art of melody, Fargo’ holds it down with a verbose, sexually-charged contribution. Equally smooth is the ever-reliable Jeremih, who has been dropping heat of late. Over Grime’s festival-ready instrumental, both vocalists keep things PG-13, painting a vivid image of softcore delights. Tory Lanez expresses his desire to treat his lover like a blunt, while Jeremih encourages his lover to stare into the mirror for the play-by-play.

Quotable Lyrics

Come do me baby, it’s too amazing
I keep it on the hush as long as you don’t say shit
She wanna fuck, I might just lick it and touch it and treat it like she was the blunt
I get in back of that body like I was never trying to be in the front

RL Grime ft Tory Lanez & Jeremih – Undo

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