Roy Woods – Russian Cream

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Roy Woods - Russian Cream

Roy Woods have been relatively quiet since he dropped off his debut album, Say Less, back in December. He did just release a video for his song “Something New” last week, but besides that the only other thing Roy has been featured was a song from Tripsixx called “Telly.” However all that is changing here today. With no warning at all, the OVO crooner decides to return to the scene and share not one, but TWO new songs out of nowhere called “Snow White” & “Russian Cream,” the latter of which we’re highlighting for y’all right here.

Over production from Myles William, Prezident Jeff & JayAreOnTheBeat, Roy delivers his signature melodic singing raps, while addressing only fucking with bitches who be getting the bag. “Bought my bitch a new Gucci bag, yeah, yeah (Gucci, Gucci)/ Only fuck with bitches gettin’ bags yeah yeah,” he spits on the hook.

Its unclear at the moment if these releases are just something to kick off the Summer with or are a taste of his forthcoming album, but either way we’re definitely here for it.

Take a listen to the new song and let us know what you think. Record available on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Niggas copy sauce, claim it’s theirs, happens all the time
I be switchin’ up on these niggas, like my…
18 Carat VVS these aint no S1’s
I don’t put no thought into a thot, that’s a waste of time
Flying bitches out of the city, come and shoot to mine

Roy Woods – Russian Cream


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