Roy Woods – Snow White

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Roy Woods - Snow White

Following up last week’s video for “Something New,” OVO crooner Roy Woods decides to come through today and share not one, but two new songs out of the blue, including “Russian Cream” and this one here called “Snow White.”

Slowing things down a bit with this one, Roy delivers a mid-tempo record that finds him riding the pocket of the beat and showing off his high-note vocals, while addressing the females who live the fast life & be on that “snow white,” aka cocaine. “You can get it on my floor/ She want it tonight, no/ Snow White drippin’ down from her nose/ Don’t get blood on my clothes,” he sings on the pre-chorus. There’s still no word yet as for where these two songs might end up, but hopefully this is indiction of what’s to come.

Take a listen to the second Roy Woods release and sound off in the comments (below). Record available on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

I buy her whatever she wants
But I won’t take you to the store
That don’t mean I can’t snowboard
Too much fuckin’ we can’t get bored
Hennessy no Bombay
She used to rock Jordans all day (all 12’s yeah)
I got niggas from the lake (from the lake)
Scratchin’ down the park, see the flake
Easy oven bitch I got cake


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