Sángo ft Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar – Emotional!

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Sángo ft Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar - Emotional!

Sángo teases his upcoming album “In the Comfort Of” with the new Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar mix “Emotional!”
Prepping fans for his upcoming In the Comfort Of album release, which is expected March 16, Sángo teased his skills on the upbeat “Emotional!” mashing up Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar’s new track on the Black Panther soundtrack “Big Shot” to create a jumpy vibe that experiments with new rhythms.

As we’ve already seen on Travis’ “goosebumps” with Kung Fu Kenny, the two sound undeniably great together. Naturally, Sángo mixes Kendrick vocal loops with La Flame’s auto-tuned melodies to drop off an exciting track, making us all the more hyped for his album release. If this is a preview for what we can expect on the Smino, JMSN and Naji featured project, we can’t wait for In the Comfort Of to hit March 16.

Quotable Lyrics

Big shot, hol’ up, wait, peanut butter insides (no)
Outside, cocaine white, body look like Gentiles (Gentiles)
Emotional, motional, motional, motional
Why you emotional? Why you emotional?

Sángo ft Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar – Emotional!


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