SZA – Comethru Album Zip Download

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SZA – Comethru Album Zip Download

SZA - Comethru Album Zip Download
SZA – Comethru Album Zip Download

SZA has addressed a leak of older material online earlier in the week.

A few days ago an album titled ‘Comethru’ appeared on streaming services, credited to Sister Solana. The nine track record featured verses from King Kenny – presumably Kendrick Lamar – and quickly ruffled feathers online.

In a new Instagram story SZA has confirmed the material does indeed belong to her, but it was leaked illegally. Actually recorded back in 2015, she calls the pieces “random scratches” before confirming: “Def not new new! But… creative? And scary?” SZA ends by insisting: “I SWEAR the new one is coming!” ‘Comethru’ is set to be pulled from streaming services shortly.

01. DOWNLOAD SZA – Lack of Better Words (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

02 DOWNLOAD SZA – Comethru


04 DOWNLOAD SZA – Loved Ones (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

05 DOWNLOAD SZA – Heroin

06 DOWNLOAD SZA – Back Together

07 DOWNLOAD SZA – Writer’s Block (Interlude)

08 DOWNLOAD SZA – Passport

09 DOWNLOAD SZA – Anything



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